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Master Resale Rights: Design Your Own E-book

by Edson Buchanan

When engaged in contract bargaining with a publisher, a writer doesn't usually think about master resale rights. On the other hand, the publisher thinks right away about those potentially highly profitable elements of the deal where ebook resell rights are not spelled out. Clearly, the person who possesses these rights also has the possibility of making a big profit from them.

Electronic books have become a popular way to promulgate information technology, and successful ebooks with resale rights are a potential source of significant wealth for the fortunate individual who owns the master resale rights to them. This is only the case for successful examples of this creative medium, however. Unfortunately, there are a large number of these books available. Most of them will not become bestsellers. Nor will they even become popular.

For this reason, persons who aspire to make a great deal of money collecting and selling master resale rights for this medium are well-advised to investigate and research this domain of information technology thoroughly before spending their money unwisely. Many websites offer potential purchasers an informative kit outlining the hottest prospects for buying these rights, as well as a few titles to get them started. These advertisers remind buyers that the rights can be passed along to future customers, and that the purchasers can benefit from these amazing sales.

Sad to say, the majority of e-books are of absolutely no value whatsoever. It is a thorny, time-consuming task to try to get master resale rights to a best selling volume which is on all the readers' lists. This is indeed the sort of commodity that would bring in a sizeable profit, but it is nearly impossible to get your hands on. Additionally, buyers frequently discover that a volume's download format does not match the one they have waiting to download the book.

There are websites that offer incredible technological advances, and software that allows people to design and create their own electronic books. Afterwards, they advertise the books, (which will become popular since they have made use of the site owner's directions) and they will sell very quickly. Then the authors can offer master resale rights for the book with every copy they sell and thereby make a nice bit of money.

People who are considering using this technology should research it thoroughly before getting involved with a business endeavor that, while well advertised, doesn't have a great track record of success. Although some people have made money using this approach, the likelihood of failure greatly outweighs the likelihood of success.

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Published January 28th, 2008

Filed in Home Business, Marketing, Search Engine

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