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Design A Website: Focus On The Content

by Tem Balanco

The purpose of this article is to start you down the road to creating your own web site. First you may ask why you should have a website at all. The website serves the same function in the virtual world of the internet as the storefront does in the real world of the downtown business district. You need a place where people can go to transact business.

It's kind of ironic that the "virtual world" of the Internet makes people millionaires and billionaires, and that is very real. Money is made and changes hands over the Internet even though actual cash is not brought into the picture. How is it possible that in the virtual reality of the Internet, real money is made?

The term "electronic commerce" provides the answer. Before the Internet and world wide web arrived, commerce was very different and far more traditional. In times past, the main form of currency was the gold coin. This gave way to paper money, and now this form of money seems to be phasing out as well. Getting back to the original point, it's important to understand that a web site is a very important tool when it comes to electronic commerce.

Why does anyone need to design a website? A website is the most convenient place in the modern world to buy and sell products. No longer do we need to go downtown or to the mall to buy things. The website is the online equivalent of the storefront. How does one design a website? Two tools are used and they are known as ASP and PHP.

Web sites are made up of various pages, and each page uses a site template. When a designer is hired to design a website, they may even use animation. Sites can be hosted on your own server, or you can find a web host to give you web space.

While a personal web site might be more focused on appearances, a professional web site should be very much focused on its content. A web designer can be hired to design and develop a web site. Resources such as books can teach you the things you'll need to know in order to be a website designer.

The arrival of the Internet has vastly changed the way commerce is conducted. The term 'electronic commerce' is the key. In this world of electronic commerce, a web site is the most important utility. Why design a website? In the real world, we go to shops to buy commodities. In the world of e-commerce, websites serve as online shopping platforms. All sites are linked to a server. Personal web sites tends to be stylish and flashy, while professional web sites has more focus on content. Website designers are professionals who specialize in making websites.

Published November 22nd, 2008

Filed in Business

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