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HP LaserJet 2100m Ink And Toner Is Easy To Use And Efficient

by Bryan SOnners

Reports are in and the reviews seem favorable. LaserJet 2100m cartridges appears to be fast, efficient, and comparatively inexpensive. It is considered a "workgroup" printer. It can be used in a small office setting, as well as in an office at home. It's smaller than a lot of business printers on the market, measuring sixteen and a half inches by nineteen inches by nine inches and weighs approximately twenty-five pounds. It has an overall limit of 15,000 pages per month and uses HP LaserJet 2100m toner.

This is a monochrome printer, so if color is needed for a print job, this is not the one to purchase. It has eight megabytes of memory. As much as forty MB can be purchased separately. Printing is processed at twelve hundred dots per inch and can be reduced to six hundred dots per second for jobs that are needed more quickly. In any case, the resultant output is very professional, very crisp and clear.

It comes with two paper trays. Tray One, which can hold one hundred sheets, is a custom tray that can print sizes three inches by five inches all the way up to a maximum of eight and one half by fourteen inches. Tray Two holds two hundred and fifty regular and legal sized paper as well as standard sized envelopes. A third tray is offered as an option to enable large jobs to be completed more quickly. Tray Three has the same capabilities as Tray Two.

This HP LaserJet printer toner allows networking and remote management. This can create a lot of needed flexibility for workgroups using the printer. Also, remote management for people working at home is also very useful. As long as the home computer has access to the same network the printer is in, one can print from an at-home office to the business office.

Public reviewers on the Internet have had a lot to say about this printer. They were very clear on what they liked and didn't like about it. Here are a few of their comments.

It is a very quiet and energy efficient machine.

I really like that it is such an energy efficient product.

It is quite durable. I've had mine for years and have never had to call for repairs.

The USB port needs an additional connector which isn't included with the package.

I didn't like it. It doesn't print clipart.

I would like if it had a larger sheet output tray. One hundred and fifty is too little.

It's bigger than I thought and takes up more space than I thought it would. But it's a good reliable piece of equipment.

The infrared reader is wonderful.

As you can see, there are pros and cons that need to be considered when deciding whether or not to purchase an HP LaserJet 2100m printer. The most important thing to do before deciding is to see if the printer accomplishes what needs to be done for any given business. If the homework is done then no doubt the purchaser will be content.

The toner a machine uses is also important and 2100m printer toner cartridges delivers. Anyone familiar with HP LaserJet laser toners will not be surprised by this. Having a machine work when you want it to, without delay, means having extra toner around for those heavy jobs.

Published January 20th, 2010

Filed in Business

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