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Q-link: Healthy Vibes From Your Jewellery

by Robert Harrison

Some things in life are sure to occur. One of these is that you are guaranteed to feel stress and anxiety, tension and worry. It is a natural part of existence, though not a very pleasurable part. Stress can lead to decreased energy and stamina as well as tight muscles and high blood pressure and ulcers, which is even worse.

Many medicines have been created to help the problem, though most people feel uncomfortable becoming reliant on drugs to solve their physiological and emotional problems. Q-link is a product that is easy to use and refrains from using drugs that can cause addiction and harmful side affects.

Besides keping you calm, Q-link will, but will increase energy and help you maintain your focus throughout the day. The Qlink pendant is a small and attractive device that rests on your neck. To counteract the negative aspects of electromagnetic waves flowing in and out of your body daily, it uses SRT (Sympathetic Resonance Technology).

The QLink pendant is made to suit your body's biofield via resonance, just like a tuning fork vibrating at a specific pitch. Once you put it on your neck just forget about it. You will feel that your energy level is increasing. Your sleep and your attitude will also improve for the better.

Q-Link is rapidly becoming the most popular alternative to modern medicine. Not only that, but it is a sassy fashion statement, as well! These incredible products come in various shapes and colors, and are not heavy or burdensome to wear. You will even forget you have it on, but will certainly feel the effects on your health.

Women and men as well have been using the pendants and benefited from its amazing results. No matter what you do or where you work, stress builds up and tears down the human body. After some time, your health could seriously suffer. In the long run, you may end up spending valuable time and money investing in reversing the effects of stress. Why not take a preventative measure now? Take a deep breath and relax, Let Q-Link work for you and sit back.

Stress/anxiety/tension/worry is a part of life and cause blood pressure/ulcers. Q-link helps in keeping calmness/focus. These increase energy but have no side-effects/addiction. The Qlink pendant uses Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) to counter the negative aspects of electromagnetic waves flowing in the body and rests on one's neck. This device is tuned to work with body's bio-field through resonance and this increases energy level and gives good sleep. This is fashionable because of the shapes in which they come and popular alternative to modern medicine. By wearing this pendant as a preventative measure, both men and women can expect to benefit by stress reduction and good health.

Published July 11th, 2007

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