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Passport 9500ix: The Gadget You Need

by Eddie Borgwardt

People who would like to utilize great technology should consider purchasing something created by ESCORT RedLine for the next great leap forward in technology for laser and radar protection. An award winning performance device such as this sets the standard for laser protection which is long range. Devices of this type only utilize the latest in technology to bring you the power and performance you need.

The first patented GPS technology to bring you the laser detector is the Passport 9500ix is completely automatic. It brings ease and comfort in your ride because it learns while you drive. With a device that is new age, using artificial intelligence, you will no longer have to worry about false alerts. Because of this, you do not need to remember any locations as the device will do it for you.

The Passport 9500ix is the first laser and radar detector which can be easily installed and updated with the use of a computer. A new type of protection is offered by this device which includes a new type of automatic learning capability. What this means is that it calculates whether a radar signal comes as a real threat or not. Something like this offers drivers a more accurate kind of protection, especially long-range. Drivers are given a permanent solution to false alarms with this type of technology which is new to the industry.

You can now tell where speed traps and highway cameras are located, thanks to the technology brought by ESCORT RedLine. You will not need to remember where these devices are placed with the help of this type of technology. Technology such as this directly addresses the increasing number of safety cameras which are installed across the nation. Fixed-position and red light cameras are included in detections. The helpful features enable you to add hot spots which are easy to use and easy to update.

Quick and easy Installations are available for this awesome device at your nearest dealership or authorized center. Only associate with places which are certified to sell the product and make sure only a professional installs the piece in your vehicle. No longer will you have problems with speed cameras after placing a device like this in your car.

You will be provided all the information you will need in regards to radars and laser bands. You will not have to worry about managing because the 9500ix will do it for you. You will find that customization of alerts is very easy with clear communication, which allows for you to make the best possible decision.

An innovative new GPS gadget utilizing the latest by ESCORT RedLine, that comes with easy installations known as the Passport 9500ix.

Published June 28th, 2011

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