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Range Rovers Specialists in USA

by Eddie Borgwardt

With continuous innovations, the Range Rovers have become one of the most popular luxury vehicles ever invented, stretching its popularity through Europe, Asia, and North America. Because of its over-the-edge road performance and mechanical design, it was patronized by many consumers. One effect of the so-called Range Rover phenomenon is the emerging industries of Range Rover specialists, dealers, and authorized car accessories centers.

The popularity of Range Rovers may be attributed to effective, viral marketing strategies which has become widespread in all forms of media, specifically in the internet. Another example of effective publicity are magazines such as Rover's Magazine and Land Rover Lifestyle Magazine, both having an E-zine version or an online version uploaded in the internet, which lists Range Rover specialists, features and car modification centers.

When the Range Rover was first introduced in the United States in 1987, the sports utility vehicle(SUV) was not easily accepted by the Americans. But when the Range Rover 4.0/4.6 and New Range Rover MKIII were released in the market, it gained support from the people of the United States. Authorized specialists, and part dealers like Startronics, a Kahn Design authorized auto shop, which customize and sell parts and accessories for Range Rovers have been operating all over the world.

Because of its high demand in the market, a number of parts dealers have customized Range Rover parts. The shop, which specializes in the interior and exterior body styling of Rovers and also a Kahn authorized, offering premium wheels made up of light alloy. The auto shop offers range of services for luxury cars such as the Audi, Range Rover, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, and Rolls Royce.

A few years after the Range Rover made it big both in the European and American market, another car modification center made it big for remaking the Range Rover. Perhaps the most popular of them is the England-based Overfinch, which specializes in Range Rover modification. It offers modification services to both the exterior and interior (mechanical) parts of a Range Rover. The Overfinch is poplar nowadays customizing grilles, side air vents, black badges, quad pipes, wheels and other parts. Three models have been released at present, the Overfinch Vogue GT, Overfinch SuperSport, Overfinch Holland & Holland. For delivery and installation of Overfinch Range Rovers and upgrades, there is the Overfinch USA. Priding itself being an authorized Overfinch center and dealer, Startronics offers its service to the United States, particularly in Sta. Monica and Los Angeles, California.

But the rise of these Range Rover specialists and the market boost of luxury cars because of large sales of Range Rover also had its share of controversies. Some luxury cars, including the Rover, were said to have been causing high pollution. The claim became a ground for suspension of production of Range Rovers in 2005. The temporary disruption even turned as a stepping stone to a larger market and larger sales at present.

On top of being a Range Rover Specialist,the Startronics it is also Kahn Design authorized and also serves as Overfinch Center since 1986, offering different services to luxury cars.

Published July 16th, 2011

Filed in Advertising, Marketing

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