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iPod Carkit Integration Services For Your Car

by Eddie Borgwardt

Can't drive without music? The iPod Carkit integration services make it possible for music lovers to carry on their passion for music while on the road. Data from Apple indicated that 90 percent of cars in the United States are compatible with an iPod. This kind of service is offered by various car detailing and accessory shops.

What difference does it make with my car's built-in sound system? During a long trip, listening to a radio is one option. But sometimes, radio stations play songs you don't feel like listening to at the moment. There are different models of iPod, the classic, nano, i shuffle and the i touch. At least 500 songs can be stored by a typical iPod depending on the memory capacity.You're sure you won't run out of songs to listen and sing with even if it's a long road out there ahead of you. Compared to other mp3 players, an iPod can run at least for 15 hours. The iPod touch also has extra functions aside from being a music player. The gadget has features of a camera and a video recorder to capture your precious road trip moments. The iPod Carkit integration is one car modification that's worth the price especially for Apple aficionados.

Before you buy into that iPod Carkit integration service, you have to consider three things. First, if it can install a seamless, factory-fitted car kit. Second is the position of its mount. Third, is if it enable smooth controls. For a certain type of car, installing a new device may turn out to be awkward. Remember that the right is different from the ideal one. The ideal one doesn't always mean it is the right thing for your car. It is also important to check the position of the iPod mount. For easy control and access on your playlist, choose one mount that is well accessible inside your car. There are specific mounts designed for each unit and car.

With a USASpecs adaptor, on the other hand, the car owner can now listen and navigate their songs directly from their car's factory radio. This allows the driver to easily browse his playlist even while driving. Before you install this interface, it is still essential to consider the three things above. An iPod adapter, enables volume, fast forward/rewind adjustment, and can handle up to five playlists are some of the features of this iPod adapter. To switch back the controls to your iPod, it has a direct mode.

Retailers like Car Toys and Crutchfield have the same line of USASpecs manufactured products. To connect your iPod to the stereo and take full control from the stereo itself, you'll need an iPod adapter.

Moreover, the vehicle specific and the universal adapter are the types of car kit interface NavTv. From the name itself, a universal adapter can support any vehicle with any screen unit. On the other hand, Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi, are the only car brands supported by vehicle specific adapters.

If you're both a car and an Apple aficionado, the first thing that might come into your mind is to have your car installed with iPod carkit integration. There are also different iPod interface which enables direct access from the stereo like USASpecs and NavTv. There are three things to remember before you avail of those services -the fit, the mount and the control settings.

Published October 14th, 2011

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