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Bluetooth CarKit Integrations: Function And Features

by Eddie Borgwardt

In the United States, drivers talking on a cell phone cause 25 percent of the total car accidents. Also according to a study by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 18 percent of drivers talking on their cell phones have recorded a slower reaction to stop lights. Only 44 percent of Americans has installed their cell phones in their automobiles at present. A major concern among Americans is distracted driving. One way to avoid cell phone related car accidents is to have your phone installed on your car. Most auto detailing shops offer Bluetooth carkit integrations which enables the driver a hands free phone call experience. Making and receiving calls is now easy for the driver. This technology will aid drivers to answer important calls with much comfort, and at the same time reduce the risks of accidents caused by distracted driving.

The Bluetooth carkit integrations has nothing but praises from technology reviews. It is one of the most helpful advancements invented for cars. Your car can be installed with one for less than $200. Your phone must have a Bluetooth feature before you can install this one in your car. Bluetooth is an open wireless technology designed for data (files, music, and information) exchange within a short-ranged area. One of the popular applications of Bluetooth is the connection between a headset (hands free) and a mobile phone. Telecommunications provider Ericsson invented Bluetooth.

Typical Bluetooth carkit integrations include a receiver, a microphone, and a control pad. Projected to a small LCD installed in your car stereo are installations with information and voice recognition feature. The most recommended setup is to have a separate number from your original mobile number. Verizon and OnStar should be your cell phone carrier and you can have the latter installed in your car. You do not have to stumble from the driver's seat just to answer your cell phone. Factory fitted in your car stereo, the installation will allow you to conveniently manage your calls with the touch of a button or a voice command.

Another Bluetooth device manufacturing company for Motorola is Parrot. This company developed wireless technologies for cars with varying audio-visual applications. One of its prime features allows controls in your car's steering wheel for easy navigation.

One of its core products is the Parrot MKi9200, an advanced Bluetooth car kit with an iPod connection, voice recognition, TFT display, and contacts browsing. It has 2.4 inches dimension and has a remote control mounted on the steering wheel or on top of the dashboard. Dual calls, contacts speech synthesis and call records are also enabled by this device. Up to 2000 contacts can be stored by this device. Showing the caller's ID, photo, and other information entered by the user is the TFT screen. According to reviews, it is the most advanced Bluetooth car kit.

The NavTV is another company which manufactures Bluetooth kits. These high quality kits are custom-made, and are compatible with Mercedes, Maserati, and Porsche.

Have you ever thought why should you have Bluetooth carkit integrations in your car? First, a Bluetooth kit can help reduce the risks of distracted driving. Second, it makes the life of a driver less complicated with the use of advanced technology. Companies which manufacture Bluetooth car kits include Parrot and NavTV. Compared with each other, the first one offers less expensive options while the other one caters to more sophisticated type of cars.

Published October 14th, 2011

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