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Hertz Car Speakers: How To Find The Right Car Audio

by Eddie Borgwardt

Having good set of car speakers is everything for both music and automobile aficionados. An example of a popular and trusted brand of car audio system are Hertz car speakers. You do not just buy the brand name when buying car speakers. Considering other factors is also important. Before you buy a car speaker, you have to look out for these things:

First, you have to pick the car speakers suitable to your car. Knowing how much power your speaker can handle and determining the sensitivity of the speakers is the key to know what brand is suitable for your car. The car stereo's sensitivity determines the best match for your car. A low powered car stereo, for instance, best complements highly sensitive speakers. For audio system with high power, opt for speakers with settings for low sensitivity. To ensure high quality of sound, the above process is done. The system dictates how much power your system can handle. If it is low-powered, then, it can only handle minimal power. With a high powered system, the same rule goes. For accurate measurement; you have to measure the power handling capabilities of your speaker continuously. A brand with low power sensitivity are Hertz car speakers.

Second, you have to ask yourself what type of speakers does your car need? Full range and component speakers are the two types of audio speakers. Hertz car speakers are classified both as full range and component speakers. A woofer and a tweeter consist full range speakers. This speaker can be easily installed and is the best option for those who wanted an easy replacement. Designed to produce the best sound quality is a component speaker on the other hand. Providing a more defined and realistic sound is one of the features of this speaker type. Tweeters, woofers, and crossovers, consist component speakers.

The components of a speaker also define the sound quality it produces. The woofer, tweeter, and surround materials are the three general types of material which consist speaker. Low audio frequencies (40 hertz and above) are produced by a woofer. The best woofers are lightweight. The best woofers are light and stiff. A tweeter, on the other hand, produces high frequency sounds (2000 to 20000 hertz). Made of soft materials like metal or ceramics are the best tweeters. Moreover, enclosing sound waves is the surround. The material of a surround must resist humidity and temperature, that's why rubber is the most suitable material. If the existing sound system is not enough, however, separate Car Amplifiers may be used.

External electronic devices designed to boost the sound of the insufficient sound amplifier are caramplifiers. Integrating home audio with the natural vibrating environment inside a car is Zed Audio. Before, home audio systems were installed in cars. But different technologies have evolved into different designs adapting to the condition inside a car.

There are various auto detailing shops and auto parts dealers which can install this service for you. It is very crucial to find one that is worth the price, however. Look for services which offer warranties. The deterioration of its audio system happens on the third year of the car. An audio installation package with 3 Years warranty is definitely a best buy.

Hertz car speakers are obsession to music and automobile enthusiasts. This is why picking the right sound system or car speakers for your vehicle is crucial. You have to familiarize yourself with the recommended materials for each speaker part to make sure the speaker is a good buy. Remember these three rules: the woofer must be made of soft but stiff; the tweeter must also be soft; and the surround must be made of rubber. If it still doesn't work, go for Car Amplifiers with 3 years warranty.

Published October 14th, 2011

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