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Build a Website: A Nice Expression of Kids' Interest

by Tem Balanco

To build a website of their own is one of the fantasies of a kid today. Expressing the interest of the child is commonly the purpose of having a website. Through these websites, kids who are too engrossed with activities such as skateboarding, bicycling, dancing and others can give other kids different tips while playing. Artistic kids can also show their artworks made by drawing, scrapbooking, photography, or cartooning.

Kids can also feature what's amazing about the place they live in and then include lots of location photos. Reviewing other significant sites with the use of their own can also help a child grow mentally. These thoughtful kids can make a website for their whole family; they can put special family photographs, news and write funny family stories to share with all members of their family. Making this kiddy site is not a very hard task anymore for there are already existing sites to help those who are just starting.

Making it easier for children to understand the content of your site is the main goal if you want to build a website. Don't pack everything onto one page; break the pages up and try to stick to one topic per page. Adding a 'turn me off' button is essential if you can't avoid adding sounds; for the visual aspect, do not overload the site with too much animation or flashing objects. Images, video and music with high kilobytes will really affect and even lengthen the download time especially if the viewer of your site uses a dialup or slower broadband connection.

Selecting a web host is the next move after choosing a topic or theme when you build a website. Costless and a built in what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) web editor for easy maintenance is already available in several web hosts. Limiting the ads and having the opportunity to choose the domain name are just two of the advantages for paying a web host instead of availing the free one. Teaching your kids how to create a website can also be a fun learning experience for you.

Next, you have to learn the basic software necessary for the kiddy site like basic HTML, cascading styles sheets (CSS) and graphics software so that you and your kid can design your own website from a scratch. To make the process easier, it's better to make use of a free template first then learn web design afterwards whenever you have ample time. By that time, you and your child may decorate and add clip arts and photos to the site. Blogging is also one of the skills your child should learn.

After all these, you can still add some extra goodies to the site like a website calendar and a guest book. Aside from those two, a virtual pet adoption center, daily quotations and weather forecast are also found in a kiddy website. This website may also cause everyone in the world to potentially reach your child's website if it's public that's why you have to keep it safe. If you want to keep strangers out completely, you can password protect the site.

In order to build a website for kids, parents should always be there to help their children. With just the basic knowledge and aid from the internet, the kiddy website will be built in no time.

Published August 30th, 2012

Filed in Business, Home Business, Internet

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