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Building a Website: A Cheap Piece of Cake

by Tem Balanco

Do you have a small business and want to showcase it to a wider market? You can do that by building your own website. You might be turned off because of the thought that building a website is expensive. There are ways to create an inexpensive website.

To create an inexpensive website, you will have to, of course, have the skills or background for that. Nevertheless, there are videos and sites that will show you the basic steps in order to create one. Just be eager to build your site and don't worry if you have class-A skills or not. There are people who share their knowledge on how to build one in Youtube.

If you have basic knowledge on creating a site, then you can get in with it. First, you will have to purchase a domain name to your liking. Name your site after your company if it's for your business or purchase one that fits your interest if it's for personal use. and are sites where you can get a domain name for a cheap price.

Signing up for hosting is your next step to create an inexpensive website. The cheapest way is to purchase a shared hosting. Shared hosting is a package where the web host puts users on one server expecting no one to use that much in resources. It is a win-win situation as it makes it cheap for you and profitable for them. is an example of hosting sites.

Now that you have those, connect the web hosting to the domain name by attaching the name servers to the latter. After that, search Google for different types of content management systems. and are examples of content management systems that are effective and easy to use. Then, download the files for the CMS and upload them to your site by using an FTP client such as

Now that those have been dealt with, search for online themes and created pages. Your themes should fit your choice of CMS. There are thousands of free themes in the internet that you could choose from. The final step is to create pages that consists of the actual words and images that go along with your site. If you need any information added, it can easily be done in the CMS back end.

These are the ways to create an inexpensive website. As you can see, it is not a hard task as all you need are basic skills, the right sites go to and eagerness.

Published September 10th, 2012

Filed in Business, Internet

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