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Cheap Website Builder: Is it Really Cheap?

by Tem Balanco

If you plan to start building your own website but don't have the HTML knowledge to build it, then you may try considering a cheap website builder online. Basically, these website builders will operated by the user even without mastering a particular software. Another good thing about these website builders is that you will still be able to modify or update your website while using another computer but it only requires an internet connection. Once you decided to make use of a website builder, you have to choose between premium website builders and free website builders, the two main categories of website builders.

Premium website builders guarantee every client that there will be no month to month fees anymore since they only need to pay for up front and then get advanced tools for building the website plus readily owning the software. All you have to do is to pay for the software and then install it on your computer. Adding scripts or anything else to your website if you want to is also a guarantee since you already have the complete control of the web pages. The tendency to limit the improvement of your website just within your own knowledge is one of the disadvantages of this kind of website builder.

Today, a cheap website builder can be in a form of a free website builder. Aside from being free, it also allows the user to edit or personalize the website anytime from any computer. You are also sure that your website can easily be found since it will be submitted to the major search engines such as Google. After a trial period or for advanced capabilities, some of these free websites may begin to charge you even if they offer free service.

As we all know, for every advantage, there is a disadvantage; one of these few disadvantages is limited flexibility. Trying these kind of website builder will let you know whether they are too limited compared to your dream layout. Catering larger or more complex web-based projects is not a specialty of this cheap or free website builder. For this reason, it's better to check out the test reports as well as the clients' testimonials first or during the so-called free trial periods.

The cheap website builder focuses more on the features that will surely hook every client. The freedom to choose between building your website from scratch or by choosing one of the pre-designed websites that are customizable is one of these innumerable features. It will also let you modify your website menus when it comes to color, font style and size. You can also upload images, logos and even flash animations on your website to attract more visitors.

The features of these website builders also cater the opportunity to do business online. Adding a shopping cart that suit your website can be done by the use of a shopping cart software. If you want to get information from your client such as their contact numbers, you can use another feature which is creating custom forms for your website. Aside from that, you can also attract more customers by uploading videos and music in your website.

Many users today who wish to build their own website are considering a cheap website builder since it can offer very broad possibilities and benefits in a very minimal cost.

Published September 11th, 2012

Filed in Business, Home Business, Internet

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