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Startronics 3M Authorized Dealer: Providing Quality Products Since 1984

by Eddie Borgwardt

Startronics 3M Authorized Dealer, a company established in 1984, is continuously offering services like Car Audio and Video Systems and Home Theater Systems to its valued clients. Using 3M scotchshield ultra safety and security window films in making the window tinting is this company's specialty. The main purpose of these films is to help hold the glass in place. Another benefit of these films is to block up to 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays which can also prevent the color of the interior from fading.

These films from Startronics 3M Authorized Dealer also help regulates temperature imbalances and consequently help in saving energy. The durable films will stay looking smart, resist scratches and provide optical clarity for years to come. Because it provides optical clarity, it can reduce glare which then gives a clearer and more comfortable view of the road. The ability to hold shattered glass in place to reduce further injuries during an accident is also one of the advantages of using these films.

Quality installation or repair using high-quality parts and materials is now very easy for Startronics 3M Authorized Dealer with the help of its trusted technicians. These technicians will already be the ones responsible in protecting the interior and exterior of the vehicle during the installation, wherever they are working. Part of their job are to clean the car's interior and exterior glass as well as vacuum all broken glass after the work is completed. There will also be a warranty on every auto glass materials and workmanship for a lifetime.

A warranty is said to be an assurance by one party to the other that specific facts or conditions are true or will happen. Through this, the other party is permitted to rely on that assurance and seek some type of remedy if it is not true or followed. A guarantee on the lifetime of the product on the market rather than the lifetime of the consumer is what companies meant by lifetime warranty. This means that whenever a product has been discontinued and is no longer available, the warranty may last a limited period longer.

Lifetime warranty is not absolute; it requires claims data and supplementary data. Claims data are those collected during the servicing of claims under warranty; on the other hand, supplementary data consists of additional data such as production and marketing related or items with no claims. The range of a new car factory warranty is a minimum of 1 year, more common 3 year and extended 5 years. For vehicles up to 12 years old, extended warranty are already granted by companies.

NANO Technology is also being applied in every product of service given by Startronics. The process involved in the so-called nanotech is actually the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. To make highly advanced products, engineering of tiny machines and also the projected ability to build things from the bottom up inside personal nanofactories using complex techniques is being done. These products made by a PN will be assembled from nanoblocks, which will be fabricated Computer aided design (CAD) programs.

Companies such as Startronics 3M Authorized Dealer are offering Lifetime Warranty and NANO Technology to their clients in every product that they are selling such as window tinting. These two services give Startronics an edge over its competitors.

Published November 21st, 2012

Filed in Advertising, Marketing, Search Engine

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