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Interstate Car Batteries: More than Just a Car Battery

by Eddie Borgwardt

There was once a man named only John Searcy who started selling and delivering car batteries to wholesalers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area from the back of his red Studebaker pickup truck in 1950; from then on, his business grew and earned trust from his clients. Just after two years in the business, Mr. Searcy founded his new company named Interstate Battery System. Now, the Interstate Battery System International, Inc. continues to provide the best and longest warranty programs in the industry that's why it already has a network of more than 200,000 dealer locations in the United States. This company which is also famous for its Interstate Car Batteries is now known as the number one replacement brand battery particularly in America.

Truck, recreational vehicles, power sports, lawn and garden applications batteries are also some of the products that help this company aside from the Interstate Car Batteries to achieve success. Another great additions to its line of products are batteries for cell phones, cordless phones, watches, tools, laptops, cameras, camcorders, toys, and even remotes. Surprisingly, there are already over 16,000 different kinds of batteries starting with AA alkaline to critical power solutions being offered by this company at present. Professional battery services and recycling programs are also the reasons why clients still trust and love this company.

When it comes to Power Care, they provide excellent products such as Interstate Car Batteries and many others, they have technical expertise and render reliable service for critical and motive power need. True enough, this company can partner with you to maximize your investment through their experiences, products, and services. Interstate's comprehensive recycling system ensures compliance with all environmental and transportation laws; this constitutes the company's Battery Recycling program. Personnel who are Green Standard-certified are the ones responsible in handling these batteries from the start to finish; the special packaging ensures stable and safe transport for every core.

Another important service that a client should look for in a battery company is the free diagnostics. Good thing an Interstate Batteries dealer also has the ED-18 diagnostic system as well as the expertise to detect problems with your battery and electrical system before your battery fails. A battery can be classified as good, marginal, or bad through the use of this ED-18 Early Detection Test. The battery owner will then know which among the three conditions is applicable to his/her battery.

You need to replace the battery as soon as possible if the condition detected is "bad." A "marginal" condition means that the battery is prone to failure in moderate to extreme heat or cold. However, if the condition detected is "good", you only need to retest the battery in about six months. Seeing an automotive problem before a failure leaves you stranded is the first benefit of free diagnostics.

Another awesome thing about Interstate Batteries is that they combine their excellent sales service with the freshness of their products. Read the battery date codes or asking the retailer to check them for you is advised in order to be sure that you purchase the freshest battery available. Also, Interstate Batteries has an impressive warranty to back its superior products. This company offers an 18-month free replacement warranty on all automotive and the most popular commercial batteries they sell.

Unlike other battery companies, Interstate Battery System International, Inc. offers every client products such as the Interstate Car Batteries that are truly high-class. This company also gives free diagnostics and a very accommodating sales service.

Published February 9th, 2013

Filed in Business, Marketing

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