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Sales Service Installation: K & N's Secret for Being on Top

by Eddie Borgwardt

Before K&N achieved its title as the World's Best Air Filter, it underwent a very humble beginning at Riverside, California. The company's name, K&N, was actually derived from the name of its two pioneers, Ken Johnson and Norm MacDonald; these two chose to sell motorcycles and motorcycle parts in the early 1960's. Supplying the championship-winning teams in most forms of motorsport became their concern since they are active when it comes to participating in racing and motorsports. Its Sales Service Installation are just some of the reasons why it cam number one in its line.

In this company, if ever their product fails to complete satisfaction, they will gladly replace it; this provision is included in their service entitled million mile limited warranty. Due to its Sales Service Installation, this company is able to refer about 1.5 million consumers to local stores and installers annually. The company's authorized installer program enables every approved business to be registered on their web site and participate in their referral program. Availing K&N's offered programs entitles stores and installers to purchase, earn or automatically receive K&N sales literature or product displays that will help their consumers a lot.

Aside from Sales Service Installation, this company also has its own in-house air filtration laboratory that was built in consultation with Southwest Research Institute, one of the preeminent testing companies in the world. Included in their services is the free diagnosis on some engine parts and any K&N part thought to be faulty or the cause of any engine damage. Microscopic, electronic and chemical testing of mass airflow sensors and in-service K&N air filters constitute this free diagnostic services. The facility operates with refined production control and warehouse management systems for the betterment of production and maintenance of high quality products.

Fuel Economy, when it comes to automobile, means the fuel efficiency relationship between distance traveled by an automobile and the amount of fuel consumed. Since it involves consumption, it can be expressed by the volume of fuel to travel a distance, or the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel consumed. There is a relationship between air filter restriction and mileage. Keeping air filter restriction as low as possible can be an important tool for maintaining high mileage is one of the beliefs of K&N.

Aside from the truth that K&N filters are less restrictive than disposable paper or synthetic air filters, K&N Intake Systems are less restrictive than the factory installed air path; both of them support fuel economy. The company's filter technology will surely make every automobile's mileage as high as possible. K & N's headquarter at Riverside, California is the place where all of these innovations are carried out. Processes like engineering, product design, manufacturing, warehousing, test facilities, purchasing, sales, customer service, marketing, and corporate offices are conducted in the company's facilities.

Another provision coming from K&N is More HorsePower. An increase of 1 to 4 horsepower can already be achieved upon installation of K&N direct replacement filters. The reason for this are the dyno-tested systems. Still, a particular intake system may be available for a vehicle depending on its year, make, and model.

Being considered as the World's Best Air Filter is already a big accomplishment for a company like K&N. However, with the benefits that they give to their clients like Sales Service Installation, Fuel Economy, and More HorsePower, it's evident that they truly deserve the title.

Published February 9th, 2013

Filed in Marketing

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