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Startronics LA: Seamless OEM Integration

by Eddie Borgwardt

These days, cars are no longer seen as merely a mode of transport. Cars are considered a symbol of one's social status often used to impress. But how are you going to impress your friends or the ladies if your car's screeching on the road, the speakers are shot, and the tint has faded. Now, you can get quality OEM Integration Services at a great offer thanks to Startronics Authorized Dealer in Los Angeles. Offering premium OEM Parts at an affordable price, Startronics delivers a "pimp my ride" service like no other.

At Startronics, the focus of the OEM Integration is to ensure all components of your vehicle are delivering at a maximum. The auto shop offers quality parts which focuses on your car's capabilities to ensure a seamless integration of other features and enhancements. For exteriors, the auto shop employs Paintless Dent Removal or PDR technology, which restores the metal framework of your vehicle to its original condition. Using well-researched and well-developed technologies, Startronics can reform any dent with the PDR, without you worrying about automobile integrity.

Other exterior services which the Santa Monica based auto shop offers include state-of-the-art tinting services. The optically clear auto glass tints are offered through some of the finest window tints in the market. Express yourself with your car through the exterior detailing services offered by Startronics, or better yet, get a complete interior cleaning that guarantees your vehicle is smooth in the inside as well. The auto shop similarly offered repairs or enhancements of your steeringwheel controls to give you a better grip while driving. Startronics can also equip your vehicle with a GPS Navigation system, or a vehicle location technology for convenience, security, and safety.

Startronics premier service has always been its audio integration system that truly redefines the car listening experience. With state of the art analog and digital processing systems, iPod docks, and crystal clear audio output equipment, you can enjoy music through car speakers connection. All of this can be enjoyed without any radical changes to your dashboard, or your car in general. Enjoy your favorite records while cruising, or put out a party in the garage with our quality audio equipment.

Why worry about installing aftermarket head units to enjoy quality sounds from your car? Startronics offers OEM Integration that considers all aspects of the changes being implemented in your vehicle. As one of the leading authorized dealers in LA, you get your money's worth in improving your auto's overall experience. Opt for a performance boosting services through their PowerChip engine management technology that improves torque and power by up to 25%. Applying a holistic approach without the sacrificing the engine management itself, you'll enjoy greater control, fluidity, and power in your vehicles.

So next time you need to upgrade, overhaul, or simple add enhancements to your car, check out 3108 Wilshire Boulevard. Offering all-around service, installation, and repairs, Startronics puts the focus on your auto. From music through car speakers connections to PowerChip engine management technology, Startronics has it all. Pimping your ride has never been this affordable and world class.

If you're looking for a true auto shop, then turn to 3108 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, and visit the Startronics Auto Shop. Offering services like music through car speakers connections and exterior detailings, you ride truly gets a pimping. Plus, you can improve car performance with steeringwheel control upgrades, or the PowerChip engine management technology. With seamless OEM Integration services also under their wings, Startronics in LA is the place to be.

Published February 9th, 2013

Filed in Advertising, Marketing

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