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Car High Performance Parts: Make Your Auto The Star

by Eddie Borgwardt

In this day and age, having a car is no longer relegated as a need to meet transportation requirements. Now, more than ever, automobiles are also a symbol of an individual's purchasing power and a status symbol. If you're looking to customize your auto, then hesitate no more and go to Startronics auto shop in Los Angeles. With a state of the art service center, and unmatched quality products, Startronics offers Car High Performance parts that meet your standards and preferences.

The quality Car High Performance parts offered by Startronics guarantees your car doesn't just transport you, but moves you as well. One of the best services offered at the Santa Monica autoshop is the integration of seamless audio equipment and features to your vehicle for that added oomph when driving. Add the convenience of an iPod dock in your car, whatever the size or model, and now you can enjoy all your favorite tunes with ease. Startronics offers powerful car speakers, and clear sub woofers which enhance the auditory experience when you're cruising down the urban jungle.

Other interior improvements you can consider include the addition of a GPS Navigation Systems to make sure you'll never get lost when driving. Or, you can get a vehicle location technology when it's tough to find your auto in a sea of vehicles at the parking lot. For added safety and security, Startronics also implements powerful laser detectors and radar systems, along with reliable car alarms. For all these parts, the auto shop offers Sale Installation which means you don't have to sweat shelling out bucks.

Aside from the physical enhancements, Startronics also offers services that will dramatically improved your car's overall performance. After all, what is the use of a car that can bump to your sound if it can give you a smooth ride? What Startronics offers is a guarantee that your car gets More HorsePower courtesy of the PowerChip engine software technology it's been implementing for over fifteen years. Implementing this system used for racing for the safe and high-performing drive on city streets is what it is all about. While most will settle for a 10% improvement, the PowerChip technology boosts your cars power and torque by up to 25%

There are several other ways the auto shop can give your vehicle More HorsePower. What Startronics does is develop your overall car manageability by looking at the engine management itself. The all-around services looks into all the parts and components of your vehicle to ensure everything is working as it should be. This means you can enjoy a better vehicle, with more control, a responsive acceleration system, and with the physical enhancements.

When it comes to Car High Performance parts, look no further than Startronics in Santa Monica - offering you unmatched services without the sky high fees. Truly, Startronics is the ultimate pimp your ride service that goes beyond adding features and enhancements. Whether you need something as simple as a tinting service, an overhaul of your car audio system, or a dramatic performance boost for your auto, the auto shop at 3108 Wilshire Boulevard is the place to be. At Startronics, your auto is the star!

Pimp your ride with Startronics Authorized Dealers in Santa Monica. The auto shop offers Car High Performance parts that doesn't compromise your vehicle's integrity. It also offers premium parts through Sale Installation services and repair. Lastly, add More HorsePower to your auto with the PowerChip Engine Technology they offer!

Published February 9th, 2013

Filed in Advertising, Marketing

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