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Sales Service & Installations: What Companies Need for Growth

by Eddie Borgwardt

A customer will always choose the best but what if the best is a little expensive and there are other options that are cheaper, will they settle for something that's less? A shorter life span that will surely result in costing more in the long run because they will need to be replaced sooner is just one of the many fall backs of a low quality battery. Oftentimes, consumers refer to the battery's name to gauge the quality of the product. Consumers are now grateful to these battery companies because aside from their battery products, they are also providing sales service & installations to their clients.

Artec Industries is one of these companies that are providing high quality products as well as sales service & installations. Artec Industries can be seen at Southern Arizona, a company that manufactures parts for the automotive, marine, aerospace and construction industries. The one responsible for taking a project from design to full scale manufacturing is the function of its fully equipped production floor. When it comes to their construction division, they have fabricated major structural and decorative metalwork on over a dozen high-end houses and commercial buildings.

To serve their customers better, Artec Industries is presently having an expansion to be able to offer more world-class products to match their word-class sales service & installations. Artec is also very famous because of its battery mounts. Realizing that batteries are the ones that provide the energy to start the vehicle's motor makes Artec focus more to their battery products. Batteries are also the ones responsible for running other parts and accessories like the headlights and radio if the motor isn't running.

It was just recently when Artec Industries released a new line of battery mounts to fit Kinetik high performance car audio batteries or the so-called audio brackets. Each mount comes in a variety of custom colors to complement almost any custom paint job. Artec's mounts makes every cent worthy due to its high-class design and efficiency. These mounts were designed to safely secure the batteries and prevent vibration and premature wear that sometimes occurs in severe usage situations such as in high speed marine applications.

Since many automobile owners are using the group 34 Optima Battery, Artec introduced its group 34 Optima Battery side mount. This mount makes battery fits snug, thus eliminating movement that causes premature wear and shorter life; this can be done by securing the 34 Series Optima Battery to any vertical surface keeping the battery horizontal. It has one piece design, carefully engineered for lighter weight and added strength. You can still add some style under your vehicle's hood with the custom tops such as the group 34 Phoenix 4405 top for your group 34 Optima Battery Mount.

Group 34 FLAMES top, group 34 NUKE top, group 34 BIOHAZARD top, and group 34 SKULL top can also be a great selection when it comes to custom tops. These attractive tops are all intended for group 34 Optima Battery Mount. Once you buy a mount, you are already entitled to include these tops in your product options. Each sold mounts and tops has a warranty from the company; the buyer only needs to make sure that they were installed correctly and used for their intended purpose. Startronics 3108 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90403 USA 310 828-8604

Sales service & installations, custom tops, audio brackets are just three of the many reasons why Artec Industries is on top and is staying on top when it comes to vehicle owner's choice.

Published February 9th, 2013

Filed in Advertising, Marketing

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