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Startronics Authorized Dealer in LA: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Car's Needs

by Eddie Borgwardt

Many would agree that the age reflects the success of the company itself; having more than 25 years of experience and commitment being the best car and home electronics shop in its area, we can readily say that Startronics Authorized Dealer in LA has already proven its worth. This company is known well in terms of the latest services, technology and developments in the industry. This company considers each customer as their priority; thus making it easier for them to achieve success. This company is one of the main sources of products and services like sales, installation, GPS navigation, and other accessories from innumerable companies.

Startronics carries innumerable labels such as Prestige, Bazooka, Kenwood, 3M, Interstate Batteries, Audison, Hertz car speakers & amplifiers, and many others. Since their products are guaranteed as products of a long and thorough research and are equal to quality, selected materials and high-tech design, Startronics gave its trust to them particularly to Hertz. Though it impossible for their products to offer the same performance as that of a genuine one from Hertz, many companies are still producing counterfeits. Monitoring the sales channels particularly on the internet is what Hertz keeps on doing.

It's suggested for a customer to contact an authorized store suggested by their national exclusive distributor. There are still others who decided to buy counterfeits thinking they would have just a lower quality compared with the original; on the contrary, they only put the audio system of their car at risk and worse, they can't enjoy the 3 years warranty of Hertz products. Provided that it's within the period fixed by current laws and under normal functioning conditions, the warranty can be applied against defects concerning materials or their manufacturing. That's why it's recommended for the buyer to take note the date of purchase as well as keep the receipt for certification.

Replacing or just repairing the defective parts is the manufacturer's decision already. The 3 years warranty is void if the product is damaged by incidents, installations and inadequate use or by any causes not depending on materials or manufacturing defects. Another reson for the warranty to be void is when the product is modified or tampered by unauthorized people. Lastly, warranty is invalid whenever the serial number is disguised or cancelled.

One of the Hertz products that Startronics Authorized Dealer in LA is so proud of is the Hertz Digital Power 5 or HDP 5. Suitable for complex installations, this D-Class five-channel amplifier is able to offer up to 950W total. Externally, it's finished in an attractive, dark metallic gray powder coating highlighted by polished edges on the horizontal heat sink fins. Because it comes with dedicated high level inputs for all five channels and a special auto turn-on circuit, many customers considered this as an excellent choice for upgrading an OEM system.

Compared with other amplifiers, HDP 5 has an optional remote level control that comes with it when purchased. Placing four LEDs on the top control panel is really beneficial in terms of indicating normal operation and warning of signal clipping, thermal protection or a short circuit condition. True enough, this Hertz HDP5 is the best for a single chassis amplifier whatever your current system may be. If you think Hertz HDP5 is already good for you, you'll be amazed with the other products offered by Startronics Authorized Dealer in LA.

Like any other famous and big car companies today, Startronics Authorized Dealer in LA also offers the 3 years warranty and other services applicable to their products like Hertz Speakers & Amplifiers.

Published December 10th, 2012

Filed in Marketing

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