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GEM Electric Cars: Making a Difference for a Greener Environment

by Eddie Borgwardt

GEM Electric Cars can be described as small and lightweight vehicles that can go up to 25 mph. Usually, the electric motor automatically steps in to slow it down but this type of car can actually go just a little faster on a downhill grade. The price range of electric cars can range from $7,000 to $13,000. Despite its high price, it is already proven to be efficient and useful for it can travel for 30-40 miles by only charging for 6-8 hours.

GEM Electric Cars are easily getting famous and preferable not only because they are new in the industry but also because they are known to have more advantages than disadvantages. The first and the most essential advantage of this electric cars is that they are battery electric vehicles and do not emit any carbon emissions that's why they are considered as the greenest. Compared to gas, electricity is cheaper that's why its owner will save more. There won't be any necessity to put electricity stations everywhere because charging can be done even at home.

These electric cars are also noiseless due to its performance parts that are too easy to assemble. Other benefits of these cars include the fact that they require less maintenance and they can give the buyer tax credits or rebates depending on the city and insurance company once purchased. These electric cars utilize fluid batteries that can take impact better compared to cars that are fully gas made that's why they are considered more reliable in the event of accident. Though they have plenty of advantages, these cars also have some disadvantages.

First of its disadvantages is the cost of its performance parts such as electric batteries that are little expensive; so, if you want to buy a better battery, you ought to pay more. The charging time of these batteries within 45 minutes to hours is also seen as a disadvantage for some users. Electric bill can also heighten due to the frequent charging at home. The usual car accessories like the air conditioning unit can also lead to draining the battery faster and asking the owner to recharge.

At present, gas powered cars are still reigning when it comes to speed and acceleration as compared with GEM Electric Cars. These type of car, as mentioned above, does not have long ranges that's why if you plan on traveling a long journey, this may not be the best car to use. The inability of the driver to notice if cars are coming up behind or beside them is also considered as a fallback. This inability on the part of the driver can cause accidents.

Though there are several disadvantages, they are expected to lessen and even disappear in the years to come. Like what was mentioned earlier, the benefits are still more than its downfalls; one evidence of this truth is GEM's comprehensive list of benefits as well as the new 6-month warranty upon purchase of the vehicle. Each client is also offered excellent service repairs and also given service manuals from the company. Since GEM is also selling second hands, there's still no reason for the clients who bought second hand electric cars to panic since the warranty plus benefits are also applicable to them.

GEM Electric Cars are easily becoming a trend for clients at present due to its excellent and well-made performance parts as well as its world-class service repairs that surely capture every client's attention and approval.

Published January 2nd, 2013

Filed in Marketing

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